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Naris is a company entirely engaged in the telecommunications engineering and focuses a significant portion of its potential on its Operations Department. This area is responsible for the post-sale service of all the equipment traded. Its activities include site survey, project engineering, mechanical assembly, installation and integration, users’ training, support and maintenance of delivered systems.

The Operations Department is divided in five sectors:

  • Engineering and Installation Management

  • Project Management and Control

  • Systems Management

  • Technical Support Management

  • Maintenance and Filed Services

Naris has a 24/7 Help Desk to assist customers with the support of the different lines traded. This sector provides an around-the-clock service on a yearly basis and is mainly designed to assist customers with the support of critical mission systems. The Help Desk staff has been trained not only to assist with maintenance, but also to answer and/ or solve any inquiry and/ or doubt the customer might have regarding the equipment operation and its applications.

Further, spare parts are secured on a permanent basis and subject to a maintenance agreement, thus guaranteeing the immediate replacement of any faulty parts.

The Operations Department also performs training activities for business partners customers.

Naris Operations Department is available for companies or carriers that wish to outsource their network engineering, installation, maintenance and/or operation activities. For this purpose, Naris has appliances, tools, vehicles, specialists and engineers, and other resources that may be adapted to satisfy the most diverse requirements.

Naris offers:

  • Consulting

  • Engineering

  • Installations

  • Training

  • Maintenance

  • Networks operation

  • Laboratory services

  • Technical assistance center 24×365

Naris Team provides system design, architecture, implementation and management, primarily for multi-site/multi-vendor installations, and global voice and data networks. Naris’s approach is to focus on the relationships among business processes and communications, then design innovative technical solutions that make new or existing systems work better. Our team’s extensive product knowledge and experience in a wide range of technical and multi-supplier environments has earned us a reputation as “the consultants’ consultant,” often called upon to resolve critical issues in multifaceted systems and to redesign them for enhanced performance and future growth.

  • Over three thousand systems installed in the Africa, West and East Europe, Middle East to serve millions of cellular subscribers and lines.

  • An infrastructure comprising data networks covering the whole South Africa was deployed.

  • Tens of IP, ATM, & Frame Relay networks.

  • Tens of Microwave, Video conferencing, & VSAT networks.

  • Running mega projects in over ten cities in which we implemented IT equipment in over 40 countries.

  • Sale, deployed and maintain the first VOIP tier 1 Network in Jordan.

  • Deploy and install all the stations of the Jerusalem Light Rail.

  • Deploy VSAT Systems to connect distant sites over satellites for NSN and other.

  • Deploy in over 40 countries Cisco Routers and switches for British Telecom.

  • Deploy the Metro-neet, a new bus rapid transit system in Haifa, Israel, using the Phileas concept. This bus line is unique to Israel in that it will use bi-articulated buses in over 140 docks / stations.

  • Supply and deploy Nokia BTS’s.

  • Supply Integration services for over 20 vendors.

  • Deploy four communication centers In Israel and in Africa running with IVR technology, and linked to communication and CCTV systems.

  • Deploy parking solutions in Israel and abroad.

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